iRobot Roomba
Google maps slowly documents the entire planet and puts it publically on the internet. Though some countries still resist the service and do not allow google cars to make footage. Germany is one of these countries. Ironically, roomba's have been accused to do the exact same thing. Only these robots would map out living rooms and layouts of houses and send the data to online systems. So both Google and Roomba's found themselves on equal grounds.

This installation shows a digitally modified roomba, cleaning the outline borders of Google maps on a giant field of sand. Slowly, the countries that have fallen in control of Google, will show up on the pile of sand.

This project is a group collaboration with Bram de Groot, Tycho Kilsdonk, Oscar van Leest, Michelle Feelders, Deborah Mora, Sjoerd Mol, Rosa Poelmans and Berend te Linde.