"Narcissism is a global phenomenon, and it has no borders."


Immersive (video) installation
selfie room
3.6m x 4.8m

Selfie culture has expanded into a whole new realm with the emergence of a new phenomenon: selfie museums.

This work highlights the shifting perspective in that is worthy to share online and what are the right things to take pictures with. Places like selfie museums pop up to give people a cheap way to replace the aesthetic worlds of influencers. This work engages with the way the online world of influencers forms our reality in the physical world.

This installation contains a surprising element; visitors are persuaded by the pink selfie room to take pictures not knowing they are being watched. When walking out of a room that only seems to have one way in and out, you’ll have to walk past two screens: one with a real time livestream of the space, and the other one with a delayed livestream. Visitors who took their time taking selfies are now confronted with their own selfie behaviour.

Research film
As my fascination for instagram / selfie culture started to grow, I decided to use one of the first selfie museums in Europe as research for my graduation work. I shot a film inside the Super Candy Pop-Up Museum in Cologne, where I observed the visitors with my camera. The film was unscripted, as I just wanted to portray what it was like inside these kinds of spaces. This film was part of the installation.